About Me

Music inspires me to do and create. I appreciate all types of music and all types of artists. I dedicate myself to learning and understanding sound and its properties. Although I do not come from a musical background I do come from a technical background. From computer repair technician to sound technician to DJ I’ve always seen the technical and creative side of music. More than just a hobby, I treat DJing as a job which requires responsibility, professionalism, and extensive knowledge. Being a DJ may not be for everyone, the long hours, staying up late, coming home even later, heavy and expensive gear, time constraints, pressure to do well, etc. but I love it. Just because a job is difficult does not mean it can’t be fun and I say the same about being a DJ. Currently I am a mobile DJ who provides music for all types of personal events such as weddings, sweet 16’s, graduations, birthdays, XVaΓ±eras, and even the occasional corporate event.


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