Wedding Help

Do you need help making a schedule for your wedding day? Don’t worry, I’ve helped many couples plan their special day. Don’t have anyone to do introductions, toasts, or give instructions to your guests? I can do it all for you no problem.

Here I have laid out a sample timeline for you to guide yourself with. Times can be moved around and events can be changed according to your personal customs or needs. Have fun planning your big day!

Wedding Reception (Sample) Timeline

  • 3:00pm Wedding Ceremony
  • 4:00pm Cocktail Hour – guests snack and mingle while the wedding party takes pictures
  • 5:00pm Bridal Pary Arrives – “Ladies and gentlemen please stand and help me welcome Mr. & Mrs. ________, let’s give them a big round of applause.” Guests take their seats to get ready for dinner.
  • 5pm-7pm Dinner Is Served – Guests are asked to line up / stay seated / wait for servers in order to get their food.
  • 6:45pm Slideshow – At this moment if you have a slideshow it can be played either before the first dance or during the first dance. Guests are encouraged to watch the slideshow to partake in the experience.
  • 7-7:15pm Announcing The First Dance – “Ladies and gentlemen in ____ (15,10,5) minutes we will be starting with the bride and the groom’s first dance.” At the five minute announcement the DJ will also announce parents to please keep their children off the dance floor to get ready for the bride and groom’s first dance.
  • 7:15pm First Dance – Bride and groom dance to a song of their choice, __________, or an appropriate song will be chosen by the DJ
  • 7:20pm Father/Bride Dance, Mother/Groom Dance – Choice of songs _________, or an appropriate song will be chosen by the DJ. This can also be the time for a bridal party dance or couples dance.
  • 7:30pm Dancing – The DJ will invite everyone to come up and dance to upbeat music, celebrate the recent marriage of the bride and groom. (This is to give the bride and groom some room to breathe and get other things straightened out such as getting ready for the toast, dollar dance, cake)
  • 7:45pm Announcing The Toast – “Ladies and gentlement in ____ (15,10,5) minutes we will be continuing with the toast. At the five minute announcement the DJ will ask guests to get their glasses ready for the toast and to ask the servers if they are missing a glass or drink.
  • 8:00pm Toast – “Ladies and gentlemen please join me as we toast to the bride and groom on this fine evening. The bridal party would like to extend their thanks to all their guests for coming out tonight, it has been an incredible evening….. etc.” At this point either the DJ will help make the toast or a guest of the bridal party can choose to do so. There will be a few minutes of open mic for guests to say some words to the bride and groom (optional).
  • 8:15pm Cake – Cake is cut and served to the guests. At this moment the bridal party may like to announce that they will be taking pictures with their guests while cake is being served.
  • 8:30pm Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss – Choice of songs ________, or an appropriate song will be chosen by the DJ. Meanwhile the DJ will be announcing guests to get ready for the dollar dance with the bride and groom (optional).
  • 8:45pm Dollar Dance – All guests are invited to dance with the bride and groom and pin money on them, safety pins are required. Guests will be asked to form two lines, one for men and one for women.
  • 9:00pm Dance The Night Away – Dancing encouraged, upbeat music will be played, requests are available, this is the time to play music for the younger crowd to get up and dance.
  • 10:45pm Last Call – Bars will sometimes do last calls for drinks, guests are announced that the bar/drinks will be closing soon.
  • 11:00pm Last Dance – Last song of the night will be played and the DJ will usher guests outside to send off the bride and groom.

Want to take this with you or print it out? Here you go. Use it, it’s free.

Wedding Schedule

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